Muslims promote their particular evil Muzmatch and Minder internet dating stories

Muslims promote their particular evil Muzmatch and Minder internet dating stories

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Wea€™ve shared loads of problem reports from Tinder wherein wea€™re some many of the cringe-worthy fits become trolling usa (will you be truly six ft though, could you be?).

But therea€™s a good number of negative People over on religious-based apps possibly.

Muzmatch and Minder are a couple of of this greatest a€?halala€™ places for Muslim courtship but like with their nonreligious competitors, therea€™s some breaking up the wheat through the chaff.

A lot of take advantage of application employing the intention of discovering somebody to marry but posting only one institution dona€™t cut down on those painfully difficult discussions.

Not folks within the app is also Muslim (some fetishise the club).

There are several success stories but theya€™re no a lot of fun, and we give you certain weirdest, more unusual and silly feedback within the different platforms.

Assume love, hacking, catfishing and all of the excellent belongings (with some screenshots of this unpleasant conversations).


One man am a things techie and then he desired to get married me personally but when I declined him, this individual hacked my own levels but never ever started using it down.


Because extremely visibly a Muslim jewish mobile chat, I get the fetish freaks. Many folks would inform me her gender fancy. I never ever asked for it however would certainly come

I had been very naive at the start, i experienced one man question us to forward him or her photographs of your feet and that he would go on forever about how exactly the guy planned to massage all of them.

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We satisfied on line, spoke, replaced information and telephone calls, organizing to fulfill. Ten full minutes prior to the conference, she terminated the appointment mentioning one thing urgent has arrived upwards.

So I decided to encounter my pals for dinner. If we arrived at the restaurant, she would be using lunch with another dude. She noticed myself but there seemed to be no acknowledgement generated. I unrivaled the lady.


One man blogged me a plan of precisely what the guy envisaged a wife to perform sexually. It essentially said I got provide him a blow task for dinner and sex low 3 x per day. This individual stated I desired to have a tendency to their demands.

I satisfied someone that indicated that many of us had been within 40s and therefore should a€?f*cka€™.


Most of us exchanged a handful of messages on the web and were getting a quarrel over text messaging and both assented it was not travelling to move.

3 weeks later our relatives proposed an innured go steady. You fulfilled up-and received forward, definitely not understanding wea€™d argued badly about software.

Most people sooner got together and began planning all of our marriage. One day we had been making reference to our very own a€?bad ideas on appsa€™ and uncovered we owned previously unmatched both.


This guy held informing me personally about his sexy grandma great hot mom. He then proceeded to request for photographs of myself using my mom. That f*cked myself up. He’d say stuff like a€?you can hug my own mum while I hug yoursa€™.


About ten years ago I tried a Muslim complementing webpages. Becoming thought to be enrolled there had been some concerns to respond before you decide to are recognized. Simple info consisted of my personal passion for Islam as a western environmentalist and feminist, understanding that I want a husband who really grasped the green character of faith.

I obtained an answer several days eventually. A rejection. I used to be advised it has been a significant webpages and also that i ought tona€™t feel playing around.

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There were one person I had been talking-to and he was unfortunate because another female he favored dona€™t desire to get married your.

The guy said she is chatting severely of him and also submit her Snapchat profile. Myself are nosy, I messaged her to inquire about about him or her. She claimed she satisfied with him and observed the print of their member printing [in his own pants] and isna€™t happy.

They ended up forwarding naked pictures to her to warrant his or her size and she reported in my experience which he didna€™t surpass the scale she was applied to a€“ astaghfirullah (desire forgiveness from Lord).

You met on Muzmatch and traded communications, next messages and telephone calls right after which arranged to meet up with. The guy lived-in Liverpool and I also resided in London but the guy decided to descend.

We owned meal together, and he expected us to incorporate the balance since he experienced visited London to check out myself, thus I do. Afterwards that morning we directed him or her a communication mentioning it wasn’t will settle on and expected him the best.

A few days after, I obtained an amount consult via PayPal for A?60. The need was actually from Liverpool dude declaring: a€?Please spend the price trips when we aren’t suitable.a€™


I thought he had been wonderful therefore we replaced figures. The man wanted to communicate regarding the phone but I claimed we dona€™t have any confidentiality.

I ran across him or her slightly annoying and clingy thus I said a€?sorry Ia€™m certainly not providing you with your time and effort that you like therefore I consider we shouldna€™t talk anymorea€™ and he runs a€?thata€™s a firsta€™. Ia€™m happy to become earliest girl to avoid afterward you, chap.

Seven days later, the man requests when we can a€?start againa€™, stating hea€™s erased all models off his own cellphone, (okay?) so I bring him or her a chance.

We send out express records and tell him to deliver some, but he says a€?hea€™s too manlya€™ (for voice reports?)

Ia€™ve had sufficient at this stage therefore I block him but the man includes me personally on Snapchat because he couldna€™t take care of the rejection or some mental sh*t.

In any event, Ia€™ve hindered him wherever currently so Ia€™m safer. He gave away clingy feelings, no bless you.

*All figure have been modified and image credit overlooked to save privacy.

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