FLIR Lepton Hookup Tips Guide. Whenever our team learned that we’d feel screening an extended trend Infrared (LWIR) cam

FLIR Lepton Hookup Tips Guide. Whenever our team learned that we’d feel screening an extended trend Infrared (LWIR) cam


there have been two terms that individuals couldn’t quit claiming: Predator sight. That’s correct, we were finally will be capable of seeing the invisible world of heat, which would assist all of us greatly if we ever before discovered our selves hunting a group of unique operatives in an isolated forest… or, you are aware, attempting never to scald our selves on a hot cup tea.

Whilst happens, the FLIR Lepton is a wonderful little component your rates and sheer technology has done a bang up task spinning the breakout board and documents.

FLiR Dev Kit

The FLiR Dev equipment contains a breakout along with a Lepton® longwave infrared (LWIR) imager. With This Particular system you will be able to…

FLIR Radiometric Lepton Dev Equipment

Because Of The FLIR Radiometric Lepton Dev System you will be able to take FLIR’s thermal imaging trustworthiness and capacity to the desir…

You’ll find, but a few lesser “gotchas” inside the set-up techniques and so we realized it had been better whenever we discussed that which we discovered in having fun with this thing. But very first… some theory.

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Required Supplies

To check out this guide, you will require these hardware and applications. You might not require every thing though depending on everything have actually along with your setup. Create the hardware towards cart, read the instructions, and set the cart as necessary.


Today we’ll be establishing the Raspberry Pi instance rule as provided by absolute technology and highlighted in escort service corpus christi our items video. At the very least, we’ll become needing a Raspberry Pi. and never a lot else, actually. Merely some jumper cable in addition to a monitor, keyboard, associated wiring for your Raspberry Pi, plus the FLIR Lepton camera of your choosing.

Under was a wishlist on the proposed portion:

Notice: to cut back the amount of hardware made use of, you could potentially wire the thermal cam right to the Pi making use of F/F jumper wires. For a safe connection, you might also incorporate solder a custom Raspberry Pi hat making use of a prototyping board.

Raspberry Pi GPIO Tall Header – 2×20

This 2×20 “tall” header contains the exact same numbers and spacing of pins as a Raspberry Pi and the board making use of skill to…

Hook-Up Line – Variety (Solid Core, 22 AWG)

An assortment of colored cable: you understand its a lovely thing. Six different tones of strong key line in a cardboard dispe…

SparkFun Snappable Protoboard

Sometimes it’s wonderful to possess a protoboard which is very lengthy and thin, awesome smaller, or simply a number of holes. The SparkFun Sn…

Jumper Cable Premiums 6″ F/F – 20 AWG (10 Package)

Jumper cable are awesome. A little little bit of stranded core line with a fantastic good female connector on either end. They Will Have…

Heads up! In case you are having the PureThermal 2: FLIR Lepton Intelligent I/O panel, the board does not include the FLIR Lepton camera module. However, this deals with power over the digital camera and raw video information via USB. This can be of good use in case you are affixing they towards pc and making use of it as a USB internet cam.

PureThermal 2 – FLIR Lepton Brilliant I/O Panel

The PureThermal 2 Smart I/O Board try a hackable thermal USB webcam breakout the FLIR Lepton® thermal imaging cam fundamental…

USB micro-B wire – 6 Foot

USB 2.0 sort A to micro USB 5-pin. This really is another, modest connector for USB gadgets. Micro USB fittings go for about half the …

For additional info on establishing the wise I/O board along with your computers, investigate soon after video connected with the build to set up the official Lepton application.


The instance laws might analyzed on a Raspberry Pi model B, nevertheless should function fine on any model so long as you need Raspbian installed.

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